Screen Shot of Robot Commercial

How come I don’t see commercials this cool on television? Seriously, I wouldn’t fast-forward right through them with TiVo if 1 out of 10 were this fun to watch. Okay, so this isn’t a real commercial for anything, but still; you could place robots like this in Bengay commercials and I’d watch the religiously. The image links directly to the video, even though the team responsible has asked folks not to. I don’t think the two or three clicks this will get is going to bother them. Here’s their site just in case you design-types want to know more.

If you like this commercial, synthetic rabbit posted another great one (for a real product) on his site here.

Finally, how cool is a robot with Wifi antennae, rabbit-like ears? I love it.

UPDATE: The links above aren’t broken, you just need to look down the page for the Tetra Vaal Video.

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