The Sign of Things To Come

You can easily see that things are very different around here. It’s a new year, and I’ve got what appears to be a new site at first glance. I’ve switched from Blogger to WordPress & also switched web servers. This is all thanks to my good friend Jason Johnson, who is graciously helping me get up to speed on all things WWW. Now, ironically, Jason has authored many a site on the internet and has helped me learn everything from the <html> tag to some very simple php (as of a couple of days ago); but his site has been in the "beginning" stages for years now.

This site is going to continue to go through some radical changes over the next two weeks, at which point, it better be done. I’m starting a new job and I don’t expect I’ll have nearly as much time for such diversions. I hope I’ll have time for posting anything other than how little time I have. These changes will include a new look, some organization, and hopefully many interesting links to keep someone busy for at least 5 minutes. I’m excited about all the new possibilities, and if you end up liking this site, thank the other Jason for me. He’s a brilliant designer and coder, and throws a mean New Year’s Eve party with Stacie.