Beauty Is Skin Deep

To anyone who isn’t reading this site by Braille, you can tell that the look is changing. Of course, that’s all that’s changing since I’m spending this evening playing with the style sheet. To facilitate an on-going discussion between myself and the Jedi Master designer, Jason Johnson, I thought I’d create a new post to which comments on such things seem relevant.

I’m making no promises to what final form this site will take, other than the fact it will have lots of information create by me about things I find interesting. Short of that, anything goes. It’s all about the journey here. I’m discovering new things about CSS, WordPress, and Flickr all the time and this is my little sandbox with which to play them. Also, I’m hoping to learn a few hacks in PHP when time allows. When will the fun stop?

6 thoughts on “Beauty Is Skin Deep”

  1. Wow. I’ve never been called a Jedi Master before. Thanks.

    Anywho— Looks like things are shaping up for the super_structure. I like the background pattern, but it’s almost too high-contrast for me, personally. I’d like to see it toned-down a little. Instead of white and brown, maybe an off-off-white and brown. Of course, it could be that I’m looking at it on a laptop screen.

  2. I know exactly what you are getting at. I had actually wanted a pattern that gave an overall tan effect, rather than brown anyway. This is kind of like looking a stereogram or something.
    I also wanted one that wasn’t overtly flowery or anything concrete. Much more of an abstract pattern.

  3. Changed the background, but of course I messed the pattern up some. I also am playing around with some colors as well. I’m not sure that the blue and brown play well together. I do like the utility pole image, though. I think Flickr is the coolest.
    Oh, yeah, what do you think of my two line Creative Commons button? I think it didn’t turn out too bad.

  4. Sorry man. I crashed around 3:30 am PST. The background is much subtler now. I like that better. Oh, and the CC button is nice. Too bad there wasn’t room for one more row of gray pixels.

    BTW, I hadn’t seen the new flickr pics. I like the ones from New Year’s.

  5. Actually, the former and current pattern both came from Mr. Fingers; who is not related to either salad nor banana fingers. Yes, he is indeed the pattern master.
    Yeah, it’s kind of bad about those buttons that they aren’t just tall enough for two rows of text to fit evenly. I suppose it’s not a bad comprimise, though.

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