Coming Up For Air

My reason for not posting for the last week is that I’ve been very sick. Some sort of respiratory infection. Nothing that would constitute an emergency, though.

I know I haven’t been posting anything for over a week now. Of course, if you’re not a person interested in TiVo, then you probably haven’t been reading my posts for longer than that. Sorry about that. What can I say, I got a new toy and I’ve been playing with it. Actually, the reason for not posting for the last week is that I’ve been very sick. Some sort of respiratory infection. Well, 3 OTC’s, 4 prescriptions, and 2 trips to the doctor’s office later, and I’m beginning to feel a little better. I promise never to make fun of Richmond’s Doc-In-A-Box again. I’m so glad there here and can help me on a Sunday afternoon! Okay, I’m not going to make them into something they’re not. However, I’m not going to bust their chops either. They do good work over there. Not to mention, they keep a lot of people out of the emergency room. We can all be thankful for that.

Well, other than a less-than-rousing State of the Union address, there’s not been too much goings on to write about. I won’t go into here, other than to say that the "ownership society" rhetoric is getting a little old for me. Have we all forgotten Enron & Worldcom? Who the hell wants this to be the future of Social Security? For all the talk of social security being broken and in need of immediate repair, what we really need is to understand that it’s not projected to run out of money until 2042, even by conservative estimates. That’s if it’s left alone right now. There is no emergency and we don’t need to go blowing trillions (yep, that’s a T) by privatizing any of this. Not yet at least. Let the government take some time and use some leverage to get private companies and investment firms to go along without that massive cost. That’s something of an over-simplification, but not unreasonable. I understand some important people won’t make as much money in the short term, but this is Social Security and was never about making anybody money. It was about ensuing we’ll all have some help after retirement… to ensure that Americans could even consider retirement. I’m not Social Security expert, and I’m certainly not investing Guru. However, I can spot a bleeding emergency when I see one, and this folks, isn’t such a thing. Having the common sense not to rush into fixing this program that is currently working reasonably well (I have family members that get their checks) is the same common sense that kept me out of the emergency room for a bad cough.