Did You Change Your Hair?

I’m in the process of upgrading to WordPress 1.5. Yes, I’m about a week late, but I’m no less excited.

Things look different about the same around here, and it’s not all for the best at the moment. You’ll see that the individuality has been sucked right out of the look at super_structure. You may also find that a number of links are dead around the site (hopefully not the posts… my precious posts). Ah, who am I kidding, there were always dead links around here.

Anyway, I finally took the leap of the deep end of the blogging pool and decided to upgrade to WordPress 1.5. It’s got a couple of really cool features that I’m very excited about using:

  1. Pages: Not everything in the world is a blog post. My old site had tons of cool pages that I’ve been searching for a way to integrate on here, and I’ve now got an answer. Best of all, it doesn’t involve me writing so much damn markup!
  2. Themes: This goes along with the whole pages thing. Now, I can create a nice look and feel that is consistent among all the pages and posts with in the site. It even allows me to have 404 pages that look like the rest of the site. I best be getting right on that one, since you’ll be seeing a lot of them for a while!

Well, I’ve got a lot of work to do, and it’s going to take a while. Check back often and please post comments here if you find some broken links, errors, etc.

Update: Well, if you’ve tried to leave a comment, then you know that’s pretty tough to do. There is something or other wrong with the comment field such that you can’t fill in your name or e-mail and of course you can’t comment without those! Well, I’ll work on getting that corrected. You can always just e-mail me at jason(at)jasoncoleman(dot)net