2 thoughts on “Glyphsaw Puzzle”

  1. Doesn’t that kinda defeat the purpose of a puzzle? I mean, you might as well take a poster, cut it into quarters and then put them back together. (Of course, I assume you’re joking.)

  2. Joking about kicking Angela’s butt? Nope. See, now the point of the puzzle is how to sneak off to the PC and scan in the puzzle pieces without her noticing. This doesn’t defeat the purpose of the puzzle, it changes the purpose of the puzzle. It’s no longer a game of shape recognition for me. That’s up to the computer now. The game for me has now become how to use cutting edge technology to look like a genius to my wife.
    Ok, I am actually sort of joking. I doubt I’ll ever go to the trouble of even trying this out. However, it is pretty remarkable that you can do this with a web-cam! If only X10 could have stayed around a little longer… Actually, to be honest, I don’t even see where to go about downloading the program for use. I have clicked around some and found out about data-glyphs, which are quite cool and fun. I suppose this is all just a demo of some of the power of using glyphs for problem solving.

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