Korean Films Are Coming

It’s been a long time in the coming, but some very incredible Korean films are starting to make their way on the U.S. movie radar.

When you talk about foreign films, you often are speaking about European art films. When you talk about Asian films, it is usually Hong Kong action movies or Japanese animation. Somewhere between the two are Bollywood musicals. However, rarely does anyone in the U.S. talk about Korean films. Well, friends, that’s all about to change. Here’s three major Korean films that are likely to hit the U.S. harder than a serving of Kim Chee:

  • "Old Boy" – (Action/Revenge/Mystery) What could be worse than 15 years of imprisonment and mental torture? Just ask Oh Dae-Su after he is released and his former capture leads him through a mysterious puzzle to uncover why he was kidnapped. Trailer in Quicktime. Official Movie Site.
  • "D-War" – (Fantasy/Action) Based on an ancient Korean legend that says giant creatures will return to try and take over the world. Somewhere between "Reign of Fire" and "Godzilla". Trailer in Quicktime. (also, check out the pre-viz) Official Movie Site.
  • "Sky Blue" – (Animation/Sci-Fi) This film took some 7 years to make, because of all the layering of CG and animation. It looks incredible for it, too. Trailer in Windows Media. Official Movie Site.