Youth Make Believe

You’d play Poncherello, from CHiPs?

Not too long ago, I got the first season of Battlestar Galactica on DVD. That’s the new SciFi Channel version, which is a good show if you’re not already watching it. Several of the episodes guest star Richard Hatch, who played Capt. Apollo in the original series, as a rebel leader named Tom Zarek.

I was pointing out to Angela how cool I thought it was that Richard Hatch was involved with the new show some. I explained to her that when I was a kid (around six or so), my friend Robert and I pretended that we were a couple of the characters from Battlestar Galactica. Robert always played at being Lt. Starbuck (played by Dirk Benedict, who would later go on to play Face on The A-Team). I always played at being Apollo.

I told her, as a matter of fact, Robert and I had a rule: he’d play the blond guy and I’d play the dark-headed guy.

"He’d play Luke, I’d play Han."

"He’d play Ted, I’d play Chris, the helicopter pilot from Code Red1.

"He’d play Baker, I’d play Ponch."


"You’d play Poncherello, from CHiPs?"

"Well, yeah."

"Eric Estrada?"

"Well, I wasn’t blond. Robert was."

"Jason, you’re way too white for that."

"But I’m not blond."

  1. Okay, so you may not remember this show, which was about a family of firefighters in Los Angeles. The show also starred Lorne Greene as well as a dark-haired Sam J Jones (he was bleach blond in the previous year’s Flash Gordon. I loved Code Red so much, that I told everyone for about a year that I wanted to grow up to live in Los Angeles and fly a helicopter, just like the guy in the show I used to pretend to be. []