Marathon? Check.

Well, Angela and I both completed the Richmond Marathon this afternoon. We both finished in (nearly) our goal times; Angela a little bit faster and me just a hair slower. However, the important part is that we finished.

After running, we cheered on some of the last folks coming across the finish line and then headed home to get cleaned up. Angela had kindly booked a couple’s massage for the two of us, which was absolutely fantastic (hey, two another first for me today!). Then we met some friends out for dinner: Angela’s running pal, Heather, and her fiance and our friend, Robert, who ran a great 8k this morning.

We’ve had a great day of running in some beautiful weather, but it’s time to go to get some rest. I’ll update this post soon with all the gory details, but I just wanted to say thanks to our friends and family who encouraged us and a special thanks to all the Training Team staff and runners who really made this so much fun. You’re all terrific.