Grand Canyon Skywalk

The Native American tribes of the Hualapai Nation are building a giant horshoe-shaped glass walkway on part of the reservation in order to attract tourism. What makes this even more amazing is the fact that this part of their land is 4,000 feet above the base of the Grand Canyon. The bridge is a structural engineering marvel you’re shure to see some Discovery Channel specials about in the future. I can’t wait to walk across this when completed early next year (2006).

This structure is so incredible as to have an entire article devoted to it at, the internet myth clearing house.

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2 thoughts on “Grand Canyon Skywalk”

  1. Maybe Mr. Trump or Mr. Wynn should also develop a hotel/casino and spa right at the rim. And while their at it the place will need to be “family friendly” so lets put in rides for the kids and a wave pool at the bottom. All I’m saying is that not every place in this world needs to be over developed for selfish human gain. I think most will agree that some places such as the canyon should be kept as close to it’s natural beauty as possible. If one needs a glass walkway to see something so spectacular then they should stay in Vegas. Let me ask this When is enough, enough?

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