End of the Rode

I received an e-mail today with absolutely nothing new in it today. It was an e-mail that I knew was coming and I knew almost exactly what it would say. What I didn’t know is just how sad I’d be when I saw it.

My friends’ band, Green Rode Shotgun, are going their separate ways. They’ve thanked all their fans and acknowledged that it is the time for them to try something different in their lives.

I was probably the biggest Green Rode Shotgun fan in the world who never saw them live. I have several recordings of a live show the did in Nashville a couple of years ago. Also, I heard about 45 seconds of a recording of them performing a Tom Petty song as an encore once. That’s it. Otherwise, it was just studio recordings as how I knew my friends’ music as they all live and perform in a different state and never had the occasion to play in Virginia and I never was able to schedule trips to Nashville when they were playing there. Still, I really enjoyed them. It’s a rare thing when a band has enough energy to make a studio recording where you can almost see them jumping up and down. You’d swear you would hear things being knocked over in the excitement that they would put onto a disc. It was a rare and great thing, and I’ll miss it.

I understand why they’re not playing all together anymore. As much as I’ll miss them as a band, I know for my good friend, Jason, it is the right thing. We often find ourselves lamenting on the break-up of rock bands. It is all too easy to see them as one-dimensional. How could they not want to keep making music together, after all, it was so good? However, they are all people and have many dimensions to their lives. Not all decisions can be about the career you are in right now, and it is no different for musicians.

I’m looking forward to hearing Yenko Camaro sometime. I’m also looking forward to see what Jason can create in the next phase of an already impressive artistic career. When the people in the band are your friends, you have those sorts of things to look forward to and them breaking up doesn’t seem so bad, after all.