Office Christmas Party

Jason & Angie

Jason & Angie at this year’s SPA Christmas Party. Who knew I could look that smug? Copyright 2005 Scott Gutierrez

Last Saturday evening, Angela and I drove to Virginia Beach to attend the company-wide Christmas Party. We had most of the Virginia Beach and Richmond officesin attendance for a great dinner and the chance for us all to hang out outsid eof the office.

Scott Gutierrez, our company IT-man, also happens to be talented photographer and was on hand to take lots of photos. He’s very good at taking both staged and candid shots with his big Nikon SLR. Just as cool, he’s started a Flickr account for the company, with photos from the party as well as the construction of their new offices (he’s located in the VA Beach office).

After the dinner party, some of us headed over to Murphy’s Irish Pub down the street to catch a few beers before heading to bed. It was loud and smokey, but a few of us sat around and caught up, which is always nice.

Oh, and Scott, call her Angela if you know what’s good for you, man.