Forward, Backward, and Right Now

It’s the first day of a new year and I am looking forward to it in a big way. Of course, that attitude springs from having had such a great past year. Angela and I went on a couple of adventures to Paris and Hawai’i this past year. I started a new job and also (finally) obtained my professional license. Angela’s job reached a turning point this past year and she has been very happy there, as well.

Since this is my web-site, it wouldn’t seem right to pass up the opportunity to speak to how big 2005 was for the web and blogging. You can go to Google News and read all about how so many people got into blogging in the past year and how they made as much news they reported. However, on a much more personal level, 2005 represented the opportunity for me to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones. I read so much about social web applications and I certainly would have been skeptical had I not been benefiting from how fun and effective they could be at communicating.

I think the coming year will better (technology marches on) with regards to connecting with friends and family. I’m learning more how to benefit from what’s out there and doing my best to spread the word amongst everyone so we can all be a little more in touch. We’ve got some great tools to keep up with what is going on with everyone and their interests. I’m sure we’ll get some even better ones in the next year and the ones we have will begin to work better together. Knowing that we’re going to have some new tools is exciting, and hopefully some of my friends will be putting some great new tools, too.

As for right now, it’s been great to see family and friends in person (Of course, that’s what we’d always do if we could but we can’t). While blogs are great for learning about the day-to-day news of people and getting to know more about their inner thoughts, there’s really no substitute for the spontaneous interaction of being together. We get to laugh with one another and we get to let the conversation flow in ways that just one person couldn’t think of. It’s been wonderful to see both of our families and all our friends from Cookeville and Nashville. Reading blogs, checking up on Flickr photos, following on dugg stories or links are so much fun when we’re apart, but getting to hug our friends and laugh with them is what we’re really just biding our time for.

Well, enough about blogging about it. I’m going to hang out with our flesh-and-blood relatives while we still can. Have a great 2006.