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  1. Hey Jason, I was surfing the net, looking to satisfy my inner geekdom and I came across your blog. My inner geekdom is GIJOE. I have been dreaming of a live action movie since god talked to moses. Anyway, I read the script attatched to your link. It is horrible. Very depressing. I think it may take them a while to release it if that script was the best they could do.

    I totally agree that in our age of terror and fear, a GI JOE flick would be… well perfect. Especially considering the fact that Cobra Commander was not a snake dude but a man, an american man, disenfranchised, average middle-class american who became paranoid, obsessed with power and world domination through terrorism. Oh my god, I am such a geek but if the right writer and director got behind it…holy poop would it be hot. Ok. Let me pull myself away from this geekiness and get back to writing my screenplay…wait cancel that…I am actually writing my GIJOE script write now.

    Great pictures on your blog… I need to get into this blogging thing.

    Be well


  2. Hey. So according to the Midtown Comics newsletter I got today, a GI Joe movie is in the works. Marky Mark himself is being considered for the role of Duke, and the story is going to be about the rise of Cobra. Of course this is all just early rumors. Thought I’d share.

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