Seeds of Joy

I just finished reading through my second issue of Seed magazine, as I was considering getting a subscription. It’s already been on the newsstand for a year or so, but I tend to be behind the curve on these sorts of things. The magazine, which comes out bi-monthly, is fantastic reading. It has the cultural aspects of Wired, and like Wired, doesn’t pull punches when it comes to the science. The design and layout are great, with tons of information spread throughout. The photography science-as-art, with many being photos by researchers themselves. At least one of the two issues I’ve read even gave scales on a number photos for reference, which was welcome information. I get almanacs of the year’s best science writing each year, and I’m sure I’ll be seeing writing from these pages in there along with those from Wired and Scientific American.

The magazine is unapologetically pro-science, which shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. The writers delve into the politics and divisions within the scientific community and remind us how these affect our lives and our futures. We are all tied to the scientific community and Seed brings that relevance front and center.

Seed’s website has a number of their articles and shorts, as well. Also checked out their podcast. I highly recommend it. Most episodes are sub-ten minutes and are entertaining and informative. Imagine an a abbreviated science show from NPR. My review after reading a couple of issues: I subscribing for sure as I can’t wait to read the next issue.