On The Move

Well, first, I honestly feel like I owe the world an apology for not writing more. It has been insanely busy the past week at work for a variety of reasons I’m not going to go into, mainly becuase I’m not at work now and I don’t want to think about it. I’ve got some free time and I’m going to spend it writing about other things.

Last weekend, Angela and I took a short trip to Nag’s Head, NC to spend with some friends of ours. We left after our long run on Saturday morning and it was an insanely long drive to get over there for some reason, but gave us a chance to see how we liked our Escape on some longer trips. Well, we couldn’t be happier. The beach was fun, although I did manage to lose two pairs of sunglasses in as many days. This was due partly to the fact that I can’t seem to learn that wearing sunglasses in the ocean might be a bad idea and also the fact that the Atlantic was being particularly chopping and ferocious that weekend. Oddly enough, I managed to hang onto them even when I fell off of Ross’s Honda watercraft twice in a row.

Sunday was a frenzied drive back to Richmond to make it just in time to pick the dogs up from doggie Summer Camp at Holiday Barn (yes, there really is such a thing and yes we paid $30 for them to get to play in activities with other dogs). It’s always nice to get away for the weekend, but of course we were exhausted on Monday morning. Turns out, this was a bad week to be exhausted for (I know I said above I wasn’t going to get into it, but breifly&hellip). My office manager (and the Richmond branch’s head structural engineer) was on vacation all week and when there’s only three of us engineers, it increases the work load of the others when one of us takes off. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just the way things are when you work for a small company. That coupled with a few unexpected project-related suprises this week made for some frantic days. Anyway, I had worked enough extra I was able to leave early yesterday to begin our trip for this weekend.

Last night we drove down to Cookeville, TN to help Angela’s parents move across town to a smaller one-story house just north of TTU. We just came back from checking the home out and meeting the neighbors (who happen to be some old family friends of the Dyer’s), and it’s really terriffic. Now the reason we’re here is so that Angela can go through all her old things and decide what needs to go back to Richmond, what goes to the new house, and what gets tossed out. I’m favoring the last option for most items, but it’s not my call. Anyway, we’re also here for some muscle, and I’d like to put out a APB to all our friends here in town for some help in that manner. In return, you’ll recieve some beer, dinner, and the love and adoration of us. Who could ever need more?

Oh, also, Angela and I are still on our training schedule and we’re planning a 10-miler for Sunday morning. We’ll start out at Derryberry Hall at 7:30 am if any of you fast-footed folks are interested in going the distance (or even just 3 miles of it) with us. We’ve planned a nice route that will provide some good hills, but also three nice little breaks for sports drinks and snacks (yes, we run like it’s a party). Anyway, we’d love to have anyone who’s interested come out for a good run (rain or shine). We’ll be running only about an average pace of around 12:00 min./ mile, so you’ll have no excuses for not being able to keep up.

Otherwise, we’ll be in town through Tuesday morning. We’d also like to go out Sunday evening (tentatively) for my 30th, if anyone’s up for that. We probably party more during runs than when we celebrate birthdays, so don’t expect anything too wild. We’d really just like an excuse to spend time with our friends and family, even if means lifting our feet for running, lifting furniture to move our parents, or lifting a beer for my 30th.