Five Random Songs

This is blog meme from a long time ago and I’m just now getting around to posting it, even though it was old even before I did it, as at least one of the songs indicates. In keeping with the idea of the meme as I first read it, I one day just put my iPod on Random and hit play, without starting any playlist or selecting a genre. Frankly, I was somewhat surprised with what came up (as I figured it’d would be some iTrip station selectors or a podcast). This was the first time I did this, and here were the first five songs that came up:

  1. Good Grief by the Foo Fighter’s eponymous album. While they’ve virtually crossed over intot he pop genre, the Foo Fighters are still a pretty solid rock band. My only dislike about the band: Dave Grohl no longer plays drums.
  2. Hey Now from Finley Quaye’s sophomore album, Vanguard. Quaye borders on trippy, but never loses a melody in this slow-paced song. Also, his attention to detail has always been something I liked; slight changes throughout a song keep it from becoming monotonous.
  3. I Like It from the Dixie Chick’s latest album, Taking the Long Way. Yes, I do like it. I would have outdone Rick Rubin on this song by really making the final couple of choruses epic sounding, but it’s a good song anyway. These ladies are the top of pop-country, even if that’s really not their fit so much anymore.
  4. Pieholden Suite from Wilco’s much unappreciated album Summer Teeth. A melody more than a single song (as the name suggests); this one seems to be Wilco’s take on the sounds of the 20’s. Summer Teeth was my first Wilco album, and maybe that gave me a somewhat different window to view them through.
  5. Left A Slide from Son Volt’s Straightaways. Jay Farrar just behind Jeff Tweedy; the story of his career, right? Probably not, really. Farrar is experimental in his own right, even if not pushing the same boundaries that Wilco does. Like the previous Wilco song, this one might not be my top pick from this artist, but it’s still a great song from one of my favorite artists.

Just for the record, although I don’t know that it’s worth going into more detail, here was the next ten:

  1. Retrieval of You – The Minus 5 – Down With Wilco
  2. Hold Yr Terror Close – The Go! Team – Thunder, Lightening, Strike
  3. Cool Blue Reason – Cake – Prolonging the Magic
  4. Jet Pilot – Son Volt – Okemah and the Melody Riot
  5. Words So Leisured – Franz Ferdinand – Eponymous
  1. Humble Me – Norah Jones – Feels Like Home
  2. Stumbling Through the Dark – The Jayhawks – Rainy Day Music
  3. Lose Something – Velocity Girl – Gilded Stars and Zeolous Hearts
  4. Punch Drunk – Uncle Tupelo – Steels Feel Gone
  5. Come To Love – Mathew Sweet – 100% Fun

I suppose I could have kept on, but at some point you have to just stop and say ‘this is probably way more than anyone else in the world cares about.’ This is about that point for me.