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Battlestar Galactica - Main Cast

The main cast of Battlestar Galactica on the set of the Galactica’s hanger.

I just finished watching the Season Three premiere of SciFi Channel’s Battlestar Galactica. I just want to go on the official record to say that BG is the greatest show ever on television. That’s right, better than The West Wing. Better than Arrested Development. Better than I Love Lucy for all you traditionalists. Better than Seinfeld for all you comedy fans. Better than any of the Star Trek franchise for all you science fiction fans. It is the best show ever in the history of the medium of television1.

I hadn’t realized this truth until tonight, but I can say that I firmly believe it, now. The mini-series that aired a couple of years ago was really pretty good and did quite a lot to really update the show from it’s 70’s classic (yet really cheesey) stature. The first season went further and the second season even more so (particularly Season 2.5). However, after watching tonight’s episode I remain amazed.

Amazed at the shows willingness to go way beyond just a science fiction show about a future struggle between man and his robot creation (yeah, how many times has that plot line come up in science fiction?). It delves in to how fragile the individual human mind is and what we struggle with personally. It provokes its viewers with political and ethical questions most television shows simply do not have the courage to ask. It does this without forcing an answer on its audience, leaving them to judge what should be and what is. The smartest show on television right now just happens to have eight foot tall shiney robots and spaceships that can travel faster than lightspeed. It’s probably the sexiest and edgiest show to boot. It encompasses so much of what is great about good story telling and all with an amazing look and a ensemble of great characters.

I watched the mini-series when it aired and was impressed, but really didn’t follow the show that much during the first season. I watched the Seasons one, two, and 2.5 on DVD and the show has simply gotten better the whole way. Season three looks to be the best yet, so if you’ve not been watching them get them from Netflix, download them from the iTunes store, or buy the DVD sets now2. You’re in for a great time.

  1. Okay, so you think I’m completely crazy at this point, but honestly, from my point of view and considering all that this show has, I honestly mean this. Further, it has been nominated and won a number of awards in just two years, not the least of which was a Peabody Award []
  2. Or at least wactch The Story So Far at []

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  1. Well, there may be some other compelling reason to have cable (I’ve found a few), but if that really is the only show you want to watch, you could just download it from iTunes. It’ll probably be cheaper than cable and you won’t have to wait too long after they first air.

  2. Yeah, true and we can put it on the ipod and use the tv attachment, but don’t you want to feel some connection to me in Baxter, TN while you watch in wonderment and know that there is me and Chris out there watching the same thing at the same moment???? Kind of like Fivel when he sings “Somewhere Out There” while being lost from his family in “An American Tail”?…

    Actually, that’d be a little freaky so the iTunes would be a good idea.

  3. I also concur. This show is so much better than the original and by far the best show on television. I’m not so sure about Olmos’s mustache though.

  4. I agree..BG is a truly great show. But given todays no now wait ! I think a lot of tv has gotten pretty good lately. Firefly: totally rocked.. am so sad it is gone.. and i do own a copy of Serenity. Heros: I have to say I like it a lot.. it is very edgy in a comic book sort of way although it doesn’t get into the human issues nearly as deeply as BG. Ha anyone watched Dexter? That is a truly twisted piece of t.v.Thanks for the opportunity.

  5. I am in the middle of season one right now, and I am enjoying it. However, I have a hard time saying it is better than Star Trek: DS9. Too much of the series is reminiscent of DS9. Of course it is really well done and a pretty good series so far. As I make my way through this season and the next, I will let you know more of my thoughts.

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