Wii’re Crazy

I waited in line overnight at the Central Richmond Target for the launch of the Nintendo Wii console. It was loads of fun, and the Wii is even better. However, I’m really tired and need to eat and go to the office for a couple of hours this afternoon. I’m also using the TS defense for that cheesy title, but it seems that I’m not the only one doing that sort of thing. Anyway, blogging about it is just going to have to wait a few hours until tomorrow (I’ve been playing some games and hanging out with some friends).

In the meantime, you can check out photos at Flickr from the past night. Oh, in case you’re wondering, it was a really quite and low key evening. Not at all like this (and yes, that’s the exact same store):

Henrico County police attempt to control a rowdy crowd outside of the Central Richmond Target with talc powder guns (not pepper spray as some are shouting. You would hear loads more screaming it that was pepper spray, and it isn’t usually shot from a gun). There were over 250 people in line for only eight PS3’s.

One game that apparently isn’t yet available but Angela and I are really anxious to get is "Big Brain Academy," which is essentially "Brain Age" for the Wii. We’ll leave all this sword fightin’ and shootin’ up to the young whipper-snappers.