You Stink

I’ve got loads to put up online and so I don’t want anyone to think that I’m doing nothing. However, as I’m sitting here transferring photos and video to the PC I’m drinking a glass of milk. That’s no so weird except for the fact it stinks. What’s more upsetting is this milk has been in our house less than 24 hours.

We had some mushrooms (the edible kind) go really, really bad in our fridge over a week ago. Even though we noticed a bad smell just before leaving for Tennessee last week (remember me mentioning that Trey, Megan?), we didn’t have the time to empty the fridge and find it. Well, over our time away, this foul odor crept all over the fridge and even into the freezer, ruining my vanilla ice cream. The milk, which should have still been good, was completely inedible. I couldn’t even pour a glass without gagging.

We got a new carton of milk last night, along with four baking soda boxes to try and soak up the smell. Unfortunately, I can still smell the stuff in this new carton as well. Let’s hope this stuff goes away soon or it’ll come down to us giving up milk for good or buying a new fridge, and that’s a decision I’m just no prepared to make right now.

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