Our First Ultrasound

Angela and I went to the doctor yesterday morning to have our first ultrasound. There’s not much to see at 10 weeks, but seeing a little flutter of pixels which the nurse referred to as a heartbeat was a great sense of both relief and excitement. The nurse also quickly pointed out the head of our little person, after watching many parents-to-be like us stare in confusion, no doubt. Theres not too much there, otherwise. The nurse took a few measurements and the software made some estimates of age (apparently about three centimeters equates to roughly 10 weeks).

T-Minus 30 Weeks

Our kid is one-half cranium.

The ultrasound machine, by the way, was awesome. It essentially mapped out Angela’s lower abdomen in real time, allowing the nurse to click points and label them (are they called way points when their internal?). I can’t claim as it’s high resolution, because the picture you see here is about actual size (depending on the size and resolution of your screen, of course). However, given that it was just bouncing a bunch of sound waves around and we could see our child coming together was much cooler than I would have ever guessed. Some great technology.