Modern David Versus Goliath?

From my remarks on the Transcript seeded today at Newsvine:

So when Larry King has MIT professor Richard Lindzen, noted climate change skeptic, on his show to discuss the topic of global warming, what equally famous scientist does he turn to to get the consensus perspective? NASA’s James Hansen? Ohio State’s Lonnie Thompson? Penn State’s Michael Mann? Anyone in climate science at all?

None of the above. Try TV kid’s show host Bill Nye.

Now, I think the world of Bill Nye, but is this really accurately reporting the consensus of science just two days before the IPCC report is expected to 180° disagree with essentially everything Prof. Linzden has ever said? Is this the “liberal media bias” that some would have you believe is why global warming ever makes the news (as opposed to it being a sincere worldwide concern)?

It’s a pathetic attempt to portray the two “sides” of this “argument” as being remotely equal, or more likely, the skeptics as having more weight. It is poor journalism (or whatever Larry King passes for) on CNN’s part and is entirely misleading to the viewing public. It would be like some science fiction author being a science consultant to the President. Oh, wait, that actually happened