The Baby Is A…

It’s A Girl! And a healthy, active little girl at that.

T-Minus 20 Weeks

So, do you think our little girl looks more like me or Angela? I’m pretty sure she’s not done growing just yet, but we think she has Angela’s nose and my forehead! Either, way, I already think she’s gorgeous. I hold no hope of ever saying "no" to that face, do I?

This morning was our half-way OB visit and ultrasound. The technician was "99% sure" that what we were looking at was a girl. She was even able to identify girl parts1, if you follow. During the whole thing we could see the baby getting, uh, agitated about being poked and pressed on. She was kicking and swinging like mad like she was at a punk rock concert!

To top it all off, the doctor said the measurements and images indicate we have a very healthy little baby. All of the measurements are those that fall outside of ones which are correlated with birth defects or other health problems. We couldn’t be happier right now, to tell the truth.

We have some potential names in store, but no clear winners yet. If we make up our minds I’ll let everyone know, but as for right now, it’s just "baby girl." Now, as I said before, we’ll have plenty of pink. In order to spare our sanity in the future, please consider other colors of the spectrum… Yes, mom, you can still buy some pink; just not only pink. Is that a fair agreement for the granddaughter? :)

Colors aside, thanks everyone for the well-wishes, guesses, fun old-wives-tale guess, etc.

You’re money may now change hands for the bets, as well.

  1. So either it indeed is a girl or the someday most humiliated boy in the world. Of course, there is some error in the ability of to see with an ultrasound but the fact she was able to identify internal organs, both reproductive and otherwise, tells me she knows what she’s doing with that wand. []