July Has Thirty One Days

It’s been a long month that went by really quickly. However, I suspect in a couple of weeks I’ll be longing for the good ‘ole days of July ’07. I know that I’ve completely dropped the ball on writing on this site this past month. I really regret that as it’s only because way too much has been happening as opposed to just having nothing to talk about.

First of all, and most importantly, Angela is doing fine. She is currently staying the night in the hospital, but there is no cause for alarm. Her blood pressure is a bit high and she has a couple of other signs of a very mild case of pre-eclampsia. Ainsley is almost at full term, as of this Thursday (37-40 weeks is considered full term) and the doctor has indicated that she may be delivered early, although not technically pre-maturely, due to this condition (which goes away essentially immediately after giving birth). While pre-eclampsia can be dangerous to both my girls, this case is not particularly dangerous and we have a very easy fix: Ainsley is simply going to come earlier than late August. Like I said, Angela is doing just fine and no one should be worried at all; just excited that our daughter is coming a bit sooner than expected.

Angela has continued to work, though she’s been instructed by her doctor to not do anything else outside of work, ever since she’s had the elevated blood pressure (for a few weeks, now). This has led us to both make some sacrifices around the house, as I’ve been working a lot lately. That’s not gone over really well with her, but she understands. Both mom and daughter are doing well (I just left the hospital where we could hear Ainsley heart thumping away).

Okay, now that you’re up to speed on that situation, I’ll explain why I’ve not been explaining all this sooner. One of the other two engineers at my office has moved to upstate New York to open a branch office for our company. This is really exciting for him and it’s a great opportunity for him and the company. However, this has increased my work load somewhat. Add to this that the most complicated building structure I’ve worked on to date is currently in it’s final stage of design, and you can understand why I’ve been working a lot lately. Fortunately, I work with some really wonderful people who understand that when I need to go to the hospital for Angela, I’m fully expected to drop everything. My boss is going on a week-long vacation in a couple of weeks and so our other co-worker has agreed to come back down from NY for several days to help out during that time. Like I said, really great people. So far, our clients have all been equally understanding, as well.

It’s currently raining and thundering like mad outside the house right now, which is fine because I’m not really concerning myself with watering the poor, neglected lawn these days. I’m lucky to find time to come home and show the dogs some attention. It’s going to be like this for a while, I’m afraid. I’ll try and make some time to keep everyone posted with what is happening in the future, though. Certainly, you’ll all know when Ainsley arrives.

Tripoli Six Are Alive and Freed

I cannot believe I missed this terrific news a week ago. The five Bulgarian nurses and Palestinian doctor who have been falsely imprisoned and tortured for 8 1/2 years in Libya have been freed. They arrived in Bulgaria last week. Their story is a dark one for not just their lives, but for for medical science hoping to bring light into the world only to be snuffed out by fear and ignorance. Despite the near certainty they would all be put to death, they are now free (via Aetiology)

TiVo Is Still Ahead on IPTV

Though few seem to acknowledge the strides that TiVo has been making in IPTV (as opposed to Apple), Engadget is reporting that you can now purchase Amazon Unbox content straight from your TiVo. They call it Buy on TV (direct, if not entirely creative). I doubt that it is a ‘cable television replacement’ just yet, but it’s further movement in the right direction for the industry. I think YouTube must be the next big step for them.

Re-activating Windows

After fiddling around with running Windows XP on Parallels for several months, I came to the conclusion that the best method of installation is to use Apple’s Boot Camp first and run Parallels off of the Boot Camp partition (which is a really cool option to have, just so you know).

However, due to the nature of virtualization versus natively running and OS, my copy of windows appeared to have been activated on three different machines. First, was my initial installation of XP under Parallels. Then, after installing and activating it under Boot Camp, I attempted to open up the partition from within OS X via Parallels. The issue is that running Windows on Boot Camp and via Parallels appears to have very different hardware configurations to the OS, and thus to Microsoft. My OEM copy of XP would not allow for a third activation, quickly leaving it useless under XP (although I did have my first virtual machine copy to use, when needed).

Now, despite all the griping I had found online about getting a copy of Windows re-activated, it really only took me about eight minutes to get my copy blessed again this past Friday evening. As far as outsourced technical support goes, this was rather painless. Actually, if I knew more what the automated phone system wanted me to say regarding “how many machines has this been previously installed on?” I probably would have been done in less time (my guess: say “none” next time). All I had to do was recite a 9 x 6 digit number (no letters, just numbers) over the phone (twice, once to a machine and once to a live technician). After the second time, and answer a couple of questions, the technician just read back to me another 9 x 6 digit (yes, that’s 54 digits) number to enter in. He even waited to make sure it worked for me before getting off the line.

I think sometimes people just like to complain about Microsoft. Of all the anti-piracy measures I’ve encountered yet, this was one of the least cumbersome to deal with as an honest user.

Harry Potter and the Getting of Your Act Together

Angela and I are both really excited about Harry Potter this month because within the span of about a week, both the fifth film will come to theaters (we’ve already got our tickets) and the seventh book, and final, book will be arriving at bookstores (yes, we’ve already got one copy on reserve at our local fantasy and scifi book seller).

I’m seeing a lot of storied regarding pleas for J.K. Rowling to “save Harry!” There is a great deal of concern that the character of Harry Potter will be killed off in the last book. Frankly, I wouldn’t be shocked at all, as it makes for both good story and character arcs (the fates of the antagonist and protagonist are intrinsically linked; death of the hero/savior for the good of all, etc.). All the same, the time for making such pleas for Harry’s life has long since past. I’m quite sure that the final edit has already gone to the printers at this point given this might just be the largest single book printing for a first edition in all of history. Where were you people months ago when people first started getting concerned about this?

At any rate, Rowling has been pretty clear that whether Harry lives or dies in a couple of weeks, she won’t be writing about him any more.

The Number Two Most Asked Question Right Now

When you discover you’re having a child, the first thing that everyone asks is “do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?” I know we do. Provided you have an answer to that question, other than “we’ve decided to not know the sex of the child,” the next question is always “do you have a named picked out?” (Note, if you aren’t going to determine the sex, our second question to you will be “why the hell not?”)

So it has been ever since we found out we were going to have a little girl. We’ve gone through at least two of those gigantic Baby Names books and Angela has said aloud practically every name in them. We kept coming back to one name that really sounded nice to the both of us. We couldn’t say exactly why; it just was one we both liked. It became the default name we would use as code between us instead of ‘baby.’ It sounded familiar, though not common (neither of us have ever known anyone with this name). It seems, to us, both feminine and strong. We’ve even gotten to the point of shortening it to first syllable, which is an acceptable nickname for us.

I won’t lie to you and say it’s gotten universal acceptance, but I suppose more positive than negative. At least those who didn’t care for it (at first; they’ll get over it once they see how cute she’s gonna be) liked her middle name. None-the-less, we feel like it’s a good name and it’s the one we realized we liked. A lot. So, without anymore stalling, get used to…

Ainsley Claire Coleman

I say ‘get used to’ because she’ll be your president someday. Whether that is before or after she stops global warming and discovers a cure for most forms of cancer is entirely up to her. No pressure, Ainse.

I wish I had a better answer to the third most asked question (“oh, where did that name come from?”) than ‘a character on a television show we both loved,’ but there’s no sense in lying to anyone. Whether or not you liked that character (I know, a likable Republican lawyer. Who knew such people existed?) or Emily Proctor, the actress who played her, does not matter. You will forget them all together as soon as our little Ainsley is born.

Oh, the last name was Angela’s decision, just like it was always going to be as far as I was concerned. While I’m proud enough of my last name, I’m far more concerned with passing on other things to her.

Lastly, I hope you’ll all keep up with her at her new website: AinsleyColeman.com