Happy Christmas, 2007

While it’s not exactly the reason for the season, watching Angela rock out to her new copy of Guitar Hero III – Legends of Rock (Wii) in her PJ’s is a pretty good reason to love Christmas morning. That kind of sums up the Christmas we’re having here in Richmond this year. We’ve been just relaxing, hanging out around the house, and enjoying Ainsley’s first Christmas. That includes playing lots of Nintendo.

Beginning Rock Godess

As much as I thought I was pretty hardcore for having been able to rock Ainsley to sleep by playing a couple of hours of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, I was yet again shown up by Angela’s amazing multi-tasking skills. She was able to play Super Mario Galaxy while feeding Ainsley. There has to be several reasons why I couldn’t do that myself…

So, anyway, have a very happy Christmas this year and enjoy whatever holidays you and your family celebrate!