CableCard on a Mac

A short story on Macworld regarding the lack of CableCard support on Apple computers or peripherals. This is a story where the comments seem to add as much as the story does. I agree totally with the TiVo users commenting about their love of the CableCard. As a matter of fact, TiVo HD users seem to be almost the only consumers who prefer cable cards. I know that pretty much every Comcast technician who has been to our house absolutely hates them (along with TiVo HD units). They have tried repeatedly to talk me out of using our M-card. Given the amount of set up time they require over just plugging in a set-top box, I guess I can’t blame them (techs get allotted a very short amount of time for installations & service calls). But it is so much more elegant a solution. I do really wish I could just plug a CableCard into my mac (or some peripheral, like an Apple TV) in a similar manner to out TiVo.