TiVo Releases Biggest Update in a Decade

In something of a surprise to me, Coleman-Dyer household favorite TiVo released a updates pretty much everything today. Primarily, they showed off their upcoming DVR hardware, called TiVo Premiere. I have to say, it looks very slick:
The new hardware is a smaller form factor and has a very streamlined look. What’s more, the new remote there may look just like the TiVo XL remote, but it has a slide-out keyboard (similar to many popular mobile phones). This allows you to enter text in search fields, but also can be used to quickly filter your "Now Playing" list. And speaking of the interface, it has been completely overhauled to match the look of the Flash-based TiVo Search beta that was included in the most recent service update. They also added the feature that I most wanted: playlist profiles.

I’m really excited to see that Tivo, despite years of questions regarding their future, is still working to remain fresh and keep their top spot in the field of DVRs. (Both images from GDGT)

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