Health Insurance

I hear and read a lot of complaints about health insurance rates from friends and family. I figured since I had some good news, it was only fair to post it. Our rate are going up in 2013, by around 3.6% by my calculation. Out of our pocket, this results in $10 more per month. Not great, but given some of the leaps in insurance rates in past years, that’s pretty low.

But, next year my employer’s plan will not require a copay for preventative care visits. Or, in other words, those are 100% covered1. As my entire family is covered for medical & dental, that’s four physicals and eight dental cleanings (we go every six months). In other words, while our annual premium portion is going up $120, we’ll be paying at least $180 less than previous years.

So, thanks to my employer, my insurance company (we have Aetna), and to President Obama for making my insurance costs go down for this first time ever!

  1. I’m fairly certain this is in order to comply with Obamacare, but this if they want to claim this as a new benefit, it doesn’t really matter to me.

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