2013 in Review

I didn’t post a set or goals for 2013, but I did review my goals for 2012 and I feel pretty good about working on some of those goals in 2013, as well.

In fact, I think with regard to my personal health, this past year was a very good year for me. Tracking my activities and food made a big difference. Also, I attended a good form running clinic and began working on my running technique to prevent injuries. Possibly as a result, I set a PR this year in the Turkey Trot 5k &emdash; running it in nearly 25 minutes (I’m number 61 overall). Lastly, I recently completed an Ironman Challenge1 at our gym: swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles, and running 26.2 miles over the course of the month (I finished it in 22 days). I’ve also managed to eat (a little) better and have even recently cut soda out of my regular diet.

I certainly go a lot more experience this year with XML programming (and programming in general, also learning some JavaScript along the way). I’m not expert, but I’ve learned enough to comfortably be able to manipulate HTML and XSL:FO output at work.

Unfortunately, I can’t say that I made much of a great effort into visiting friends & family, nor in creating more2. I certainly failed to blog regularly here or post updates on the kids. Those are all things I’ll have to work on in 2014.

  1. Angela signed us both up, without me knowing. Which was sort of payback for signing her up for a marathon all those years ago. []
  2. Unless you count building LEGO kits with my kids because I think I must have done a hundred of those. []