Starting Out 2014 Right

My goals from year-to-year don’t change that much. However, that’s not entirely a bad thing. Some have set goal lines but most of them are open ended. Strive-to-do-more-of-this or less-of-that sort of things.

However, this year, I’ve decided to narrow some of my goals to the daily level. More accurately, at the end of each day I hope to answer the following questions to myself:

Today, what did I…

  • …eat?
  • …do for exercise?
  • …work on?
  • …create?
  • …learn?
  • …read?
  • …help my children do?
  • …do to let my family know I love them?

I won’t have a (good) answer for each question every day and that’s ok. Some days, the answer may be the same thing for more than one question (actually those may be the best answers). But hopefully, I’ll have a positive answer for most questions on most days.

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