Twenty Ought Nine – Goals in Review

Well, it has been a really rough past couple of months. We’ve been passing around who-knows-how-many viruses. We had several holiday get-together with friends and family here at our house (not including tonight’s NYE party1. Wyatt has learned to crawl, so our lives have only become that much more insane as we attempt to keep … Continue reading “Twenty Ought Nine – Goals in Review”

Goals, Not Resolutions

Over the years, I’ve decided that setting for goals is a better notion that resolutions. A resolution is something that, once you’ve broke it there seems little point in keeping it from then on. They are so all-or-nothing. A goal is something to keep striving for. Even if you don’t reach it, at least you’ve … Continue reading “Goals, Not Resolutions”

Repairing a Kid’s Bed

As part of my goals for 2019, I am going to try to write about some of my DIY and maker projects. So, here’s an unexpected one to start off the year… The other evening, I heard a thud and an “uh-oh” from my 11yo daughter’s room. Turns out, when hopping on to the bed … Continue reading “Repairing a Kid’s Bed”

Starting Out 2014 Right

My goals from year-to-year don’t change that much. However, that’s not entirely a bad thing. Some have set goal lines but most of them are open ended. Strive-to-do-more-of-this or less-of-that sort of things. However, this year, I’ve decided to narrow some of my goals to the daily level. More accurately, at the end of each … Continue reading “Starting Out 2014 Right”

My FitBit and Me

In early January, Angela and I got matching his-and-hers FitBit One’s to start tracking our activity. Angela’s actually been wearing a pedometer for years now. But the FitBit does a lot more data tracking than a simple pedometer. I’ve been wearing it everyday since then. There a few technologies I’ve adopted that I would consider … Continue reading “My FitBit and Me”

I Don’t Like These Numbers

I’ve been poking fun at many of the number-goal groups on Facebook for sometime. It’s just seems so comical to me that there are a huge number of "I bet I can find 1,000,000 people for/against so-and-so" type groups there. They only get more entertaining the longer I’m on that site. It’s so cute that … Continue reading “I Don’t Like These Numbers”

Kodak Zi6 First Impressions

So, as part of one of my goals for 2009, we’re starting to shoot more video (mostly of Ainsley, natch). We’ve done so in the past, but with not with any regularity. Though one cannot ignore the fact of lazy parenting, I do think there are other more significant issues contributing to our lack of … Continue reading “Kodak Zi6 First Impressions”