About Me


I’m Jason Coleman and this is my web site/blog. I live in Franklin, TN with my wife, Angela, our two awesome children, and our dog. In my professional life, I work as a technical writer for an infrastructure & engineering software company. It’s great work that gives me a chance to combine loves for technology, construction, mathematics, science, and much more. Said love technology also got me dabbling in the whole interwebs thing, so here we are.

This Site

This blog was begun November of 2004 as an attempt to bring my web site out of a two year suspended animation. I had done the entire site manually before, as blogging wasn’t really as popular when I started my first web site. My site was always a collection of random articles that I just wrote when I got the notion. Not as timely as a blog, but less static than most personal web sites. Upon the revival, I was introduced by a friend to WordPress (the open-source site management tool), CSS, symatnec coding, and web standards. I’ve done my best to try and make use of all of those here, as I my web developer friends beat me with tire-irons when I don’t (did I mention this isn’t my day job?).

The site’s nickname came from my day job as a structural engineer. I hope to have some engineering resources and discussion here, but it’s much more than that. This is mostly my outlet to the world and the way the world can talk back to me. I’ve had web site for a few years now and I’ve been amazed at the different kinds of people that have found me through it. People with the same name or interests. Structural and mechanics researchers from around the globe. Musicians that were interested in the same blends of music that I am. I had started the whole thing with the idea that my family and friends would have a way to keep in touch and see what’s going on in my life. While I don’t think that’s exactly how it ended up, I’ve been very happy to have had the chance to meet so many interesting people through this site.

And, for anyone interested, my blogger code: B7 d t+ k+ s u- f i o+ x-- e+ l+ c-

Legal Stuff

Yes, we live in a world where even personal web sites need legal disclaimers. However, that’s the point of this one: this is the personal web site of one Jason Coleman. Everything here reflects his interests and experiences, and not necessarily those of his employers (past or present) or anyone else. While some information on the topic of engineering is presented on this site, it is in no way meant to be taken as providing engineering services to you, either for pay or pro bono. Also, please be advised that I no longer provide any design services to anyone under any circumstances.

Contact Me

You can reach me by e-mail at jason at this domain.