This is where I tell you all about how I created super_structure. If you don’t care (and why would you?), then feel free to skip all this. You can also read a little bit about what I have in mind next for the site.

At Work

super-structure is written by, me Jason Coleman. In my spare time. For no money. And costs you nothing.

You get what you pay for, I suppose.


I’ve used Verdana throughout the site. If you’re seeing this on a Mac, then you’re getting to see the lovely Lucida Grande, which is similar, but nicer. I think the next step will be to change to something more reminiscent of sleek Danish Modern furniture, and less Shaker style. At least, that’s my take on fonts.

You know, I’m really probably the last person you should be asking about typography or fonts.

My Side

  • Macintosh OS X on an Intel iMac
  • Cyberduck
  • FireFox
  • Nikon D50 for photos & Kodak Zi6 for Video
  • iPhoto – For photo management
  • Acorn and Skitch – Photo editing

Tubes side

Web Standards

My intent is to use open, common web standards as much as I possible can. That being said, I do all I can but this isn’t my day job. Don’t come crying to me if this site doesn’t validate the day you hope to call me out on this statement. If some of this site looks funny, you’re free to let me know but you shouldn’t get upset that it still looks weird a day, a week, or even months after you’ve told me.

And a note to the standardistas out there: Your stuff doesn’t kill people when it falls down nor does it save their life only when it works perfectly, so just calm the hell down already.

Open Source

I hope to use open-source software alternatives where ever possible, but obviously I don’t in all cases (OS X and Acorn being too glaring items). I also prefer to use online resources and social networks that have more open systems. I think that we all benefit from these resources and I wish to support them when possible.