Dogs: Harry & Maggie

Man's Best Friend(s)

Me hanging out with some of my four-legged buddies: Harry, Maggie, and their friend Wiley.

Harry – Professional Smelly Schnauzer

Our smelly little friend, Harry (short for Harry Truman III), came to us in late May of 2001. He’s is really a lot of fun to have around and has a real charisma about him. He’s fairly clean, as far as dogs go, as he was house-trained at an early age. He has been neutered, although he hasn’t seemed to notice even after 8 years. Harry is surprisingly quite for a terrier; only barking at knocks on the door, strangers outside, and me during our heated Greco-Roman wrestling sessions. Just for fun, I thought I’d list some of his likes and dislikes here:

  • Smelling his own pee after he steps in it
  • Chewing things, like Angela’s expensive shoes
  • Going outside every 15 minutes (in between naps)
  • People visiting our home
  • Other dogs and cats (whom he thinks he can beat up, no matter their size)
  • Tennis Balls – you know the things that roll under every piece of furniture.
  • Pretending he’s chasing a rat, although it’s just his stuffed monkey – Sadly, the monkey is no longer with us, as Harry reduced him into a pile of cotton wadding.

Grrr...  Why won't my owners take me for a haircut?

  • The vacuum cleaner
  • Having to go outside in the rain
  • Baths (and consequently, the bathroom)
  • When we leave for work
  • When the other dogs and cats aren’t as willing to let Harry beat them up as he’d like


Here’s a web-cam photo of Harry soon after he came to live with us.

Some Schnauzer-ing Links Harry’d Want You To Visit

You such a good doggie, yes you are.

Harry and I relaxing after… well, probably nothing.

Maggie – The Big Brown Moo

Our new dog, named Maggie (short for Margaret Thatcher), is a black-and-tan Airedale Terrier. Much bigger than Harry, she’s 60lbs. of snout, paws, and ears. There’s much more to add about Maggie, but she’s currently trying to eat the house, so I’ll have to do it later…

The Aggressor

Maggie towering over lessor dogs.

Maggie Looking Forward To Going Home

Maggie on the car ride from Tennessee to Virginia.

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