Yeah, there’s a thing with the headings on this page. I’ll sort it out later… also the fact that this hasn’t been updated since about 2001.

Jason Johnson

The World’s Most Well-Rounded Individual

Jason Johnson has been my closest friend since we both began college in 1994. He is/has been a musician and songwriter, a graphic artist, a web deisgner, a painter, and a stunning tenor (well, he does have a cool voice). You can view some of his older works (painting-wise) at the web site for his senior exhibit:

Apperceptions(This link could go any day now…)

Jason is currently working on his new web-site. He of course works on his web site less than I do, so don’t be holding your breath or anything. He so far has the best-designed place-holder on the entire internet. Seriously, he even has a plaque. He showed it to me. Bronze. Very nice.

(Post) Post-Modern

Last I checked, there was at least one painting on the TTU site for the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting:

BFA Painting – Jason is credited here for his painting "Authority," along with some other fine painters who have come out of this program.

Jason is also the front-man for Green Rode Shotgun, a high-energy band in Cookeville. They have a web-site in the works (he at least works on one of his web sites) at and with any luck they’ll have some show dates and MP3 files for download there soon (hint, hint…)

Dyer-Coleman Private Collection of Johnsons

''Men'' Oil on Canvas 36'' x 36''

"Men" Oil on Canvas 36"x36" – Jason T. Johnson

(Courtesy of a post card from one of Mr. Johnson’s exhibits)

"Wait" Oil on Canvas 36" x 48"

"Wait" Oil on Canvas 36" x 48" – Jason T. Johnson

(Courtesy of

Stacie Netherton

Deep Thinking Painter

Stacie, close friend of Jason Johnson (see above), is also a good friend of mine. If you look up charm, it should have her photo in the definition. If it doesn’t, you need to get a new dictionary. Might I suggest some of the vocabulary lesson she posts on her blog? She was, in my mind, one of the best abstract artists and now she paints remarkable portraits with equal talent. Book fiend, coffee slinger, and a stunning tenor (okay, I made that part up; the rest is all true). She has some photos of abstract works on her Senior Exhibit site:

However, if you really wish to know the mind of Ms. Netherton (and you’ll be a better person if you do) check out her blog. Her wit is as cunning as it is disarming.

Spacey Stacie’s Deep Thoughts of Perplexion

Burl Rice

"We Just Like To Burn Stuff…"

– Burl on WCTE’s Kaleidoscope

I’ve known Burl for several years now. He was always somebody’s roommate while I lived in Cookeville. You know, that guy at college who was obsessed with burning things? Back in February, I went with some other friends to go hang out at his cabin and learned all about Couch Henge. He says its not art, but it really appealed to me. Had anyone told me it was an exhibit by a famous artist, I would have believed it. Just check it out for yourself. Too bad people complained about it a lot. I’m not really sure what is up with the address/ name of the web site. I can’t imagine that was already taken or anything…

The Couch Fairy

"Couch Henge" Couches on field 50’x40′ – Burl Rice

(Courtesy of Mr. Rice’s web site)

Sally White Waldron

Sally is a friend of mine from TTU who is also working towards a M.S. in Civil Engineering here at Virginia Tech. She has a nice little web site, not unlike this one, telling all about her friends and family. Oddly, no where does it mention that she is engaged married to Chris Waldron, another friend here at VT. I’d thought I’d share the news, even if they are trying to keep it a secret…

Sally White’s Home Page

Mark Carroll

I met Mark and his wife recently when he was giving a presentation at Blue Ridge Mountain Sports in Richmond, VA. I was floored by his photography, which can only be described as world class work, as well as his multimedia presentation film, which was recently shown at an outdoors film festival up north. He has some wonderful ideas on balance and patterns in nature. He has a new web site he is putting together which I am anxiously awaiting. Please check it out and look for his work in the future.