Jason Coleman

I though it would be a good idea to make a list1 of all of the other Jason Coleman’s out on the World Wide Web, just in case I’m not your man. It’s very interesting for me to see what I have in common with the other Jason Coleman’s of the world (although most of them are here in the U.S. and Canada). This is by no means all of the Jason Colemans in the world, though. Just a short list of some of the guys who I come across often. Yes I Google my own damn name. So do you.

And thought it’s probably true this page helps my Google ranking, it actually helps these other guys more. I’ve been at the top of the pile there for a while now (like three years). Having links to all these sites only helps them at my own expense, so please save any accusations of trying to game the system. If you just do or don’t want me to mention you, then all you have to do is drop me an e-mail: jason at this domain.

Now, in order to keep up with the times, you can also check out the Jason Coleman entry at Wikipedia.2

Jason Coleman.info

Jason Coleman(.info)

Currently the only one of few (see next) Jason Colemans3 to have actually contacted me (these other guys might still be fake, for all I know), the one who currently calls Washington D.C. his home is also the closest online Jason Coleman, geographically speaking, to me. He is a Peace Corp veteran, spending 2 1/2 years in Gabon, 4 months in Central American, and 7 months in Namibia. He now works at Peace corp HQ in the nations capitol. I’ve got to respect a guy whos spent that kind of time in foreign countries helping others. I wish I could say that I’ve got that in common with him, but my travel overseas has been of a much more casual and self-serving nature. Anyway, Jason seems like a great guy and it was great to hear (read) from him.

Jason Coleman(ia.com)

Jason Coleman(ia.com)

I recently was contacted by Jason Coleman(ia.com) via Newsvine. He mentioned he had read a number of my comments there, and fortunately for the both of us, found most of them agreeable. It’s great to know there are like-minded people in this world. He and his wife, Tina, have a fantastic WordPress powered blog about their family. They currently have two beautiful daughters and are expecting a baby boy in the Fall. Life looks great for Jason and Tina, and that makes this Jason Coleman pretty glad.

Jason Coleman – Artist

Jason Coleman as RoboCop - in Water?

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a Jason Coleman who makes his living as a theatrical makeup artist and body painter. By all due accounts, he’s quite good, too. He certainly has the awards to show for it. You can check out a lot of his work, his beliefs, and more about him at his MySpace page [note: we’ll let it slide that he uses MySpace since he said this site was “crazy cool.”] I grabbed a shot of some of his work here, but rest assured he looks different without the RoboCop paint on. Not sure how good people end up in Omaha, but he seems like a cool guy and I was really glad to hear from him.

Jason Coleman.com

Jason Coleman(.com) and Dr. Howard Dean

Jason Coleman of B’ham Alabama has a conservative political blog that he’s been running since October of 2004. He must of paid a good chunk for the .com address, because I wasn’t willing to plunk down the $500 bucks or so it was going for back in August. Anyway, he’s about as far to the right as I am to left, but he’s pretty big on space exploration, which makes him an okay guy. Maybe someday I’ll get to tell him about the time former NASA administrator Goldin told me I should be the first astronaut to go to Mars. I think Jason would appreciate that.

Jason Coleman.org

Jason Coleman(.org) near a small town named Coleman

One of my favorite Jason Coleman’s out there is the .org guy. He’s seems to be a good bit more to the left than Jason Coleman(.com) and far less concerned with politics in general, but then again, most Jason Colemans are. He’s a world travel with pictures of trips to Mexico, Spain, China, Singapore, and Japan. However, he currently lives in Korea (although, I think he’s from Florida), which is really a coincidence becuase my mother-in-law is from Busan, Korea. Anyway, check out his site for many great pictures of places I dream of visiting.

Jason Coleman – Big Huge Games

Jason Coleman of Big Huge Games

The one Jason Coleman who always seemed to have higher Googlearity than me (that is, up until early 2005), is Jason Coleman, Chief Technical Officer at Big Huge Games. But is it any wonder when he has worked on some very popular games such as Civilization II and Rise of Nations? He has a couple of degrees in physics and is currently up in Timonium, MD. However, if Jason Coleman has a web site, it must be burried because I have yet to see it. Come on man, you’re a programmer! Okay, no need to bust your chops for that. As of December of 2005, this Jason Coleman appears to be the only one who’s mentioned on Wikipedia, under the entry for Big Huge Games. Way to represent, Jason Coleman.

Jason Coleman.ca

Jason Coleman(.ca) is a professional photographer (see the camera?)

Way out in British Columbia, Jason Coleman(.ca) makes his living as a professional photographer. If possible, I’d have hired this guy to come to my wedding. He’s damn good and his site has lots of pictures of attractive people.

Jason Coleman – Neuroscientist

Dr. Jason E. Coleman - Buckaroo Bonzai

Currently in a post-doctoral fellowship at MIT, Dr. Jason E. Coleman might just win the prize as the smartest Jason Coleman around. Sorry the rest of us. It’s hard to compete with neuroscientists. Anyway, not only does he appear to be a talented scientist working to discover why our brains remember the way the do. He’s also quite a talented artist.


Well, folks, there are Jason Coleman’s everywhere you look. I just came across the dash .com Jason Coleman early one morning. This Jason Coleman doesn’t seem to update his blog too much, and his bio is completely missing. However, I wouldn’t want to leave him off of the list just because of that.

Jason R. Coleman

Jason R. Coleman

I recently (June 2006) ran across the blog of one Jason R. Coleman. It looks like he’s into wine and investing. Well, I dig wine (Shiraz is my current favorite) and I’m doing my best to learn about investing. I’m also thinking he’s into web design, which is good because he seems to have an eye for the aesthetic. He seems like a nice guy and read that he recently got engaged. May you name your first son Jason, my friend!

Note: He should in no way be confused with Jason R. Coleman, insurance salesman.

Well, I did go back and check my birth certificate based on his new domain name and though I’m pretty sure I can make my case, Jason R. Coleman claims to be the real deal (apparently the R stands for real, who knew?). Well, despite calling me a poser, he’s going to get some additional link love based on this post, which I’m under the assumption was made all in good fun. Here’s hoping we have in common (in addition to an interest in wine) a good sense of humor about sharing what is an otherwise common and dull name for males born in the 70’s.

Jason Coleman – Musician

Jason F. Coleman - Musician

I’m pleased that the talented pianist Jason Floyd Coleman has a new album and a new website to go with. He’s one of the younger Jason Colemans and his the grandson of the piano legend Floyd Cramer (hence the middle name). Though a good bit younger (and vastly more talented musically than I), this JC is the closest geographically to me as he’s right here just outside Music City (aka: Nashville). So, check out his site and enjoy his music. I really like his album with Meagan Taylor and I’m also looking forward to enjoying the Christmas album during the holidays!

Jason Coleman – Choreographer

Jason Coleman

I certainly wish I could tell you I had more in common with the Jason Coleman who co-hosts Australia’s So You Think You Can Dance?. Sadly, I have two left feet and don’t have cool hair like he does. As a choreographer, he’s had a wonderful career – having choreographed the opening and closing ceremonies for the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. Perhaps doing something we love is what we have in common.

  1. With photos, for visual interest. I’ve received absolutely no permission to display any of these photos from their copyright holders. However, in the interest of community, I hope that they will understand. In fairness, they’ve received no permission to use my name, either. []
  2. Yes, I know it’s a broken link. We get no love. There is finally some content for us on Wikipedia. I personally think there is some cultural relevancy to a lot of the individuals listed here – musicians and computer game developers, etc. I can’t wait till we have a disambiguation page on Wikipedia! []
  3. Well, it looks like Jason Coleman.info is off the web, at least for now. Hope his site is up again soon. []