Jason Coleman

Jason Coleman as RoboCop - in Water?

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a Jason Coleman who makes his living as a theatrical makeup artist and body painter. By all due accounts, he’s quite good, too. He certainly has the awards to show for it. You can check out a lot of his work, his beliefs, and more about him at his MySpace page [note: we'll let it slide that he uses MySpace since he said this site was "crazy cool."] I grabbed a shot of some of his work here, but rest assured he looks different without the RoboCop paint on. Not sure how good people end up in Omaha, but he seems like a cool guy and I was really glad to hear from him.

Jason Coleman.com

Jason Coleman(.com) and Dr. Howard Dean

Jason Coleman of B’ham Alabama has a conservative political blog that he’s been running since October of 2004. He must of paid a good chunk for the .com address, because I wasn’t willing to plunk down the $500 bucks or so it was going for back in August. Anyway, he’s about as far to the right as I am to left, but he’s pretty big on space exploration, which makes him an okay guy. Maybe someday I’ll get to tell him about the time former NASA administrator Goldin told me I should be the first astronaut to go to Mars. I think Jason would appreciate that.

Jason Coleman.org

Jason Coleman(.org) near a small town named Coleman

One of my favorite Jason Coleman’s out there is the .org guy. He’s seems to be a good bit more to the left than Jason Coleman(.com) and far less concerned with politics in general, but then again, most Jason Colemans are. He’s a world travel with pictures of trips to Mexico, Spain, China, Singapore, and Japan. However, he currently lives in Korea (although, I think he’s from Florida), which is really a coincidence becuase my mother-in-law is from Busan, Korea. Anyway, check out his site for many great pictures of places I dream of visiting.

Jason Coleman – Big Huge Games

Jason Coleman of Big Huge Games

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