Pronunciation: ‘äb- se- sh&n

Function: noun

Definition: An extended period of time spent viewing countless episodes of shows or movies in a similar genre or the same series because one has become seemingly addicted.

Synonym(s): Butt-numb-o-thon (see Harry Knowles), addiction, OCD.

Etymology: Derived from obsession (note the stress on the first syllable for the new derivation), a direct result of DVD sales of entire seasons of television shows and movie collections in a single package and/or the TiVo Season Pass feature.

Variants: Orb Session, Obsessathon.

Example: Once I watched the pilot episode of "Arrested Development," I simply couldn’t sleep until I had seen every episode I could get my hands on.


New dictionary term.

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Pronunciation: där-bi-nE-&n

Function: adjective

Definition: Exhibiting traits of an extremely conservative and past-minded nature, often times for no logical reason, other than told to be so. Particularly, of an arrogant and self-righteous nature. Conservative for conservative’s sake.

Antonym(s): Darwinian, progressive, humble.

Etymology: Having to do with T.E. Darby, VMI, VDOT, and the Anglican Church of America.

Example: "The Henrico County road supervisor is probably some ex-VDOT idiot, likely to be Darbinian in nature." Angela Dyer