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I am currently employed at Bentley Systems, Inc. (developers of MicroStation CAD software) as a Senior Technical Writer. Though I am a licensed engineer, I do not provide professional engineering services. This site is provided for informational purposes only and is not to be considered a resume. Do not contact me with unsolicited employment opportunities, offers, or work.


Engineering Organizations

  • Amercian Society of Civil Engineers

    I have been a student member of ASCE since the Fall of 1997. I have served several positions at the TTU chapter, including conference coordinator and president. In the Spring of 2000, I received the Tennessee Section‘s Student Chapter Member Award, of which I am very proud.

  • Order of the Engineer

    I am a member of the Tennessee Tech link (Link #7) of the Order of the Engineer. I proudly wear my ring everyday and am happy to tell people what it means. Please check out the order’s web site to learn about this organization and how important ethical engineers are to society.

  • Chi Epsilon

    A National Honor society for Civil Engineering students, faculty and professionals. I was initiated as a member in the Winter of 1998. Please check out the society’s web site for more information.

The following is a partial list of various organizations or industry groups for further information on structural engineering and related topics. Unless otherwise stated above, I am in no way affiliated with these organizations. Feel free to contact me regarding dead links or updated links.

Structural Engineering Links

Professional Organizations


Steel Industry Groups

Concrete Industry Groups

Timber Industry Groups

Composites Industry Groups

Transportation Industry Groups

Misc. Organizations and Industry Groups