This page has to do with stuff I love very much: technology. It also is about just generally being a geek or a nerd. Now, I don’t mean that being a nerd is all together a bad thing. Actually, I think of being a nerd as just having a passion for something (although it’s usually technical as far as nerds go). Just think were we’d all be if Shakespeare hadn’t been a nerd about the English language and writing plays or Bach hadn’t been a nerd about composing music. Nerds are people who just really have a love for certain things in life. Some people call them aficionados or coinsures, I just think of them as “nerds.” And so it is with being a geek as well. I associate geek-dom with the tech oriented world, but the same rules apply. Being a geek is pretty damn hip right now. So much so, I often don’t feel geeky enough. That never used to happen.