Action Figures

Crackin' Toast Grommit

Wallace & Grommit

Nick Park is pure genious. Further, what more action can you ask for than a claymation picture about electronic trousers?

Crackin! There’s going to be a Wallace & Grommit feature film this October! Check out the making-of short here.

Action Figures

Sorry for these incredibly lousy images. I hadn’t quite mastered the Macro yet.

Boba FettG.I.Joe - AirborneSpidermanAnimaniacs - Waco

Memory Is Closely Linked To Smell

Here’s something weird. My wife occasionally buys Aveda products. The smell of them, which I think is supposed to be good, reminded me of something not so pleasant. I finally remembered what it was: Stinkor from He-Man. One of my childhood friends had this guy and his skunk scent was the same smell as some Aveda products. Sorry Aveda, guys from my generation might not go for that. Even worse, some might.