This section is, surprise, all about some of the things in life that I am interested it. The links to the left are some of the many hobbies and interests I have that I have decided to elaborate on.

I should explain here, that there are many, many things in life that interest me. I think that one can never know too much and about too many things. Trivial knowledge is something that I pride myself on. However, knowing something about how things in this world work (machinery, technology, people, etc.) is useful everyday, and really shouldn’t be considered “trivial.” I think far too many people aren’t well rounded enough to know much past what they do for a living or what they may study in school.

  • Travel: Angela and I love to travel around the country as well as to other places around the world whenever we can.
  • Geekery: This is computers and gadgets along with other things the fall under the broad swath of nerd-dom.
  • Outdoors: It’s good to get out whenever one can.
  • Running: The do anywhere, anytime sport.