Monument Ave 10K Finish Line

The finish line at the 2005 Monument Ave 10k in Richmond, VA

I’ve always enjoyed running and in the past few years (since graduate school). I’ve have had the time and energy to train and enter in a number of races. I don’t win. I don’t even really try, but I get out of running what I want for the amount of time I can put into it. I love being outside and getting to just have plenty of time to think. I do listen to the iPod on longer runs, to help pass the time. However, just getting to people watch and sight see is always fun. I’m always looking for interesting routes to take around my house and the office.

I enjoy entering races, not because I expect to win or even really compete, but because they give me a goal. If I know I have a race coming up, I’ll be sure and keep my running schedule up so I don’t crap out in the middle of the race. Of course, I now have a hefty collection t-shirts lying around the house.

Back in December 2004, Angela got me a Garmin Forerunner 201, which is a runner’s GPS watch. Unfortunately, the ability to retrieve the GPS data onto a PC isn’t working (damn serial ports!, why didn’t they use USB?). Once I get that worked out, I’m going to post up some aerial photos with my routes traced over them on the Blog (or Flickr, I haven’t decided). I have posted up two of my marathon runs on Flickr under the tag “USAPhotoMaps.”

Some Of My Race Results:

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