I Tried Hot Chicken

No, not that I tried eating hot chicken. Having lived near Nashville for over a decade, of course we’ve eaten hot chicken. Though, I don’t ever order the crazy hot stuff. I stick to mild and actually enjoy eating it.

No, I mean I tried making my own hot chicken here at home for family dinner. It’s no secret that cooking isn’t something I really enjoy. I’m starting to enjoy it more as I’ve learned to successfully cook some things beyond a cold-cut sandwich. Angela really enjoys cooking (and is also really good at it), but her style is more of experimentation. I’m one who can follow directions so if they’re clearly written, then I can generally pull it off reasonable well. A few years ago, we started Blue Apron meals and more recently made Hello Fresh meals. Both are great and I learned a lot about cooking (and also learned I wouldn’t last a day in a professional kitchen setting). I also learned about frying a bit more. Doing some more research, I found a really good Bobby Flay recipe for fried chicken. More importantly, frying chicken for chicken parmesan – one of my all-time favorite dishes. So I got some practice making that at home.

Angela suggested I try making some hot chicken and I found a copy-cat recipe for Hattie B’s chicken which is arguably just a copy-cat of Bolton’s, but that’s for another day. I used a lot less cayenne than the recipe calls for (that much is crazy) and I used the frying oil as the base for the hot coating. Therefore, mine is a lot browner and runnier than most glamor shots of hot chicken. But it did taste pretty good and the whole family enjoyed it.

Homemade hot chicken
Homemade hot chicken

Berry Smoothie

I really dislike bananas.

I’m not bragging or anything; just stating a fact. I truly dislike bananas. I always have. I know they’re very good for me and I wish I could eat one. I honestly don’t think I have ever managed to eat an entire banana by itself (that is, not in some other food).

The 2006 Richmond Marathon was the third (and last) marathon I ran. It was exceptionally hot that day, with temps around 80° in November. The last 10k was really rough on me and I knew I was in desperate need of some nutrition after the race. I sat down on a curb in Shockoe Bottom with a banana and a bagel, thinking that the banana was exactly what I needed. I managed to get about half way through it, forcing every bite.

Then it occurred to me: I’d rather risk serious injury or death rather than eat an entire banana.

Like I said, I really dislike bananas. Always have.

Berry Smoothie

None of this changes the fact that bananas are excellent to eat after strenuous workouts or runs. I still know this and I’m quite pleased that I finally found an easy recipe that I enjoy to have after working out. It does have quite a lot of sugar, but you can substitute water/ice for the juice to reduce that by about half.


  • 8 oz Apple Juice (substitute with same of ice water or ice or other juice to taste)
  • Medium Banana, frozen
  • 1 cup Mixed Berries, frozen
  • 1/2 cup Vanilla Yogurt


  1. Pour the juice, berries, and yogurt in your blender cup.
  2. Use a butter knife to slice the skin off a couple of sides of the frozen banana. It comes off very easily, even when frozen & you can just cut off slices into the blender while holding the two remaining sides.
  3. Pulse the blender 5-6 times to chop up the frozen bits.
  4. Blend on high for 40 seconds.

Serves 2 (who am I kidding, I drink the whole thing. So should you).

The best part: The frozen banana is almost undetectable in terms of flavor, smell, and texture. I mean if you get nose right down into the cup, you’ll detect banana; but that’s what straws are for. For people who really hate bananas.