Burying or Embracing the Past?

The first trailer for Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker came out today. There’s so much to unpack and enjoy about it, but one thing that caught my eye from the trailer & the Star Wars Instagram post about it was Kilo Ren’s helmet:

Good News About Black Holes

For the moment, CNN’s headline is about grad student Katie Bouman who helped accomplish something extraordinary because she’s really brilliant. The world’s pretty messed up, but for its great to see smart people get famous for awesome things.

Thank this grad student for first black hole image

[Addendum: Dr. Bouman gave a TedX Talk a couple of years ago on how a computer scientist such as herself ended up working on a globe-spanning astrophysics project and how the her imaging algorithm would eventually help make the image possible.]

Schneider on the FBI Demand on Apple

When Bruce Schneier weighs in on the security implications of government actions, we should all pay attention:

We cannot build a backdoor that only works for a particular type of government, or only in the presence of a particular court order.

This is the person that coined the phrase “security theater” and he isn’t in the habit of making up unlikely stories to scare us. He is, however, very good at understanding real risks to security for people, businesses, and countries.

10,000 EV Miles

I reached 10,000 miles on my Nissan LEAF this past Sunday evening. It’s probably a lot less than normal driving for about 22 months, but just goes to show that an ev is a perfect fit for me. I just don’t really drive that far.

10,000 EV Miles

Hit 10,000 miles in my LEAF while driving to pick up Chipotle, which was a highly likely circumstance knowing our family.

Amy Winehouse

Out of nowhere, I got into the mood to listen some Amy Winehouse this afternoon. It struck me as a real shame she never got to record a Bond theme, among the many disappointments of losing her. Winehouse just had the perfect sultry, throwback voice for a Bond film intro. I realize that it was ‘attempted’ and, honestly, having a duet by Alishia Keys & Jack White is a pretty good consolation. “Another Way to Die” is a great song, but I can’t help but wonder what could have been…

Signed Scotty Card

When I Met Scotty

The Time I Met Scotty

Over Memorial Day weekend in 1999, Angela, her cousin, Jonathan, and I went to the Star Trek Convention at the Cumberland Science Museum to see James Doohan, who played engineer Montgomery Scott on Star Trek. Jonathan brought along cards for us all to get signed. Almost 15 years later, I managed to find mine.

India Declared Polio-free

After three years without a single reported case of polio, India was declared free of polio. It’s been so long since polio was a epidemic in the United States &emdash;which goes a long to way to explaining our current anti-vaccination and anti-science culture&emdash; that is hard to grasp how monumental this news is for so many people. The BBC reports that there are only three countries left where polio is endemic: Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria. Wired recently had an excellent long-form piece on the effort to eradicate polio from the planet.