U.S. Can’t Find Its Ass

The BBC reports some shock­ing news this morn­ing; the Unit­ed States has offi­cial­ly giv­en up its search for Weapons of Mass Destruc­tion. No, seri­ous­ly. How­ev­er, O.J. Simp­son con­tin­ues search­ing for the killer of his ex-wife and her friend on the golf-cours­es of Amer­i­ca.

Will this affect the Iraqi elec­tions held lat­er this month? I doubt it. It did­n’t seem to mat­ter the folks here in the States, and I doubt peo­ple dodg­ing sui­cide bombers much noticed the head­line. Bar­num was right, you can’t fool all the peo­ple all the time…

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