2 thoughts on “Glyphsaw Puzzle”

  1. Does­n’t that kin­da defeat the pur­pose of a puz­zle? I mean, you might as well take a poster, cut it into quar­ters and then put them back togeth­er. (Of course, I assume you’re jok­ing.)

  2. Jok­ing about kick­ing Ange­la’s butt? Nope. See, now the point of the puz­zle is how to sneak off to the PC and scan in the puz­zle pieces with­out her notic­ing. This does­n’t defeat the pur­pose of the puz­zle, it changes the pur­pose of the puz­zle. It’s no longer a game of shape recog­ni­tion for me. That’s up to the com­put­er now. The game for me has now become how to use cut­ting edge tech­nol­o­gy to look like a genius to my wife.
    Ok, I am actu­al­ly sort of jok­ing. I doubt I’ll ever go to the trou­ble of even try­ing this out. How­ev­er, it is pret­ty remark­able that you can do this with a web-cam! If only X10 could have stayed around a lit­tle longer… Actu­al­ly, to be hon­est, I don’t even see where to go about down­load­ing the pro­gram for use. I have clicked around some and found out about data-glyphs, which are quite cool and fun. I sup­pose this is all just a demo of some of the pow­er of using glyphs for prob­lem solv­ing.

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