Grand Canyon Skywalk

The Native Amer­i­can tribes of the Huala­pai Nation are build­ing a giant hor­shoe-shaped glass walk­way on part of the reser­va­tion in order to attract tourism. What makes this even more amaz­ing is the fact that this part of their land is 4,000 feet above the base of the Grand Canyon. The bridge is a struc­tur­al engi­neer­ing mar­vel you’re shure to see some Dis­cov­ery Chan­nel spe­cials about in the future. I can’t wait to walk across this when com­plet­ed ear­ly next year (2006).

This struc­ture is so incred­i­ble as to have an entire arti­cle devot­ed to it at, the inter­net myth clear­ing house.

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2 thoughts on “Grand Canyon Skywalk”

  1. Maybe Mr. Trump or Mr. Wynn should also devel­op a hotel/casino and spa right at the rim. And while their at it the place will need to be “family friend­ly” so lets put in rides for the kids and a wave pool at the bot­tom. All I’m say­ing is that not every place in this world needs to be over devel­oped for self­ish human gain. I think most will agree that some places such as the canyon should be kept as close to it’s nat­ur­al beau­ty as pos­si­ble. If one needs a glass walk­way to see some­thing so spec­tac­u­lar then they should stay in Vegas. Let me ask this When is enough, enough?

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