Waldron-rific Weekend

Our good friends Chris and Sal­ly stayed with us this past week­end on their dri­ve back home. We had­n’t seen them in about a year, since they were first announc­ing to the world that they were preg­nant. Well, as you can imag­ine, this trip was even bet­ter. This time, instead of blur­ry B&W sono­grams, we had Mr. Mason him­self, in all his gig­gly glory.

Mason, who is cer­tain­ly the youngest blog­ger I’ve ever known, was loads of fun and the cen­ter of atten­tion. He’s at that fun (albeit short) stage where he’s alert and some­what inter­ac­tive, although isn’t real­ly able to com­mu­ni­cate sub­stan­tial­ly (although he sure does indi­cate he wants to be car­ried around or to eat). We had some fun attempt­ing to inter­pret his var­i­ous sounds and expres­sions, although I’m sure that Sal­ly and Chris had a much bet­ter pic­ture of what was going on inside his head than Angela and I did. Most amus­ing was when Mason decid­ed to enter­tain him­self by mak­ing motor/fart sounds for about an hour-and-a-half straight. It was real­ly kind of infec­tious and we were all mim­ic­k­ing him at one time or another.

The pow­er was knocked out for about four hours on Fri­day evening, but it got revived just in time for the adults to all head off to bed. Try­ing to sleep through the a sum­mer night in Rich­mond with­out a lit­tle air con­di­tion­ing isn’t advis­able, espe­cial­ly if it makes an infant cranky.

Family Photo 2

Sat­ur­day was spent most­ly going out to break­fast and then to Short Pump, where much time was spent at the Apple store. We checked out the new iBooks, which have iSight built right in, sim­i­lar to the new Intel iMacs1. Any­way, the adults enjoyed some ice cream and then just a relax­ing after­noon around the house. I was real­ly glad to see that our dogs, while extreme­ly curi­ous about a human infant, weren’t upset to have him around at all. Kind of a relief for Angela and I, to tell you the truth.

Well, Sun­day morn­ing was waf­fles by Angela and the the long ride on home for our friends. We’re already look­ing for­ward to our next vis­it up to PA so we can exchange words in a more two-way con­ver­sa­tion with Mason.

  1. Although I would­n’t buy one for that fea­ture alone, it’s actu­al­ly kind of a handy lit­tle fea­ture. It’s amaz­ing the qual­i­ty of a tiny lit­tle cam­era (the lens is about a 1/8″ in diam­e­ter) com­pared to full-sized dig­i­tal cam­eras of just a few years ago []

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