Like Living In An Oven

Well, it’s around 5:30 pm here in Rich­mond, and it’s still 100° out­side. I haven’t been post­ing much at all here or even to Flickr in the past few weeks. I wish I had a good excuse, but for right now, I’m just going to say that it’s because my brain is melting.

I’ve been suf­fer­ing from some low­er back prob­lems for sev­er­al months now, and the pain is get­ting bad enough that I’m look­ing for just about any­thing to help. I’m not big on tak­ing heavy med­ica­tion for that sort of thing (odd, giv­en my wife’s cho­sen pro­fes­sion, huh?). I do have a great doc­tor, but even he was at a bit of a loss as to where the pain was com­ing from. He ruled out spinal prob­lems as the root cause, which is good. How­ev­er, he rec­om­mend­ed see­ing a phys­i­cal ther­a­pist, which I have yet to do but plan to begin see­ing one. In the mean­time, I’ve been going to a week­ly yoga class. It’s actu­al­ly a pret­ty tough work­out; all about bal­ance and focus. Sounds easy, and the peo­ple who do yoga make it look easy enough. How­ev­er, when you start try­ing to extend your arms out in front of you while stick­ing one let straight back behind you and bal­ance on one foot all while remain­ing still and breath­ing slow­ing… well, it’s pret­ty tough, let me tell you.

I have been run­ning, although not near­ly as often as I did this time last year. Again, it’s hot as hell here and I real­ly got burned out on run­ning so much about a month pri­or to last year’s marathon. I’ve been just try­ing to main­tain a fair lev­el of endurance while also work­ing on my speed and strength. I’ve been doing some hill work­outs on Thurs­days after work, although I near­ly threw-up from the heat last week. After read­ing the arti­cle in this mon­th’s Run­ner’s World on a young man who died of heat-relat­ed stress last sum­mer over in Char­lottesville, I’m going to pay spe­cial atten­tion to not get­ting sick or dying out in the heat. I hope all of my friends and fam­i­ly out there be sure and look after them­selves in this heat as well; it can be remark­ably bru­tal on your body to exert your­self in it for very long.

On a relat­ed note, even though I tell peo­ple to save a few bucks on their ener­gy bills by keep­ing the ther­mome­ter at 75° in the sum­mer, make sure you’re not keep­ing it too high, there, cheap­skate. None of this envi­ron­men­tal stuff is worth cook­ing your brain over. A good idea is to get an elec­tron­ic timer ther­mo­stat that will let the place warm up when you’re not around and cool it back down around the time you arrive home.

Well, our air con­di­tion­ing is out cur­rent­ly and the high today is sup­posed to be 104° (with­out fac­tor­ing the heat index in, which is more like 119° – no, seri­ous­ly). Our biggest con­cern is the dogs, who don’t have cushy air-con­di­tioned jobs. We’ve tried to get them board­ed for the day, but no one had room. Cur­rent­ly, their doing their best under a ceil­ing fan in the most shad­ed part of the house. Ange­la’s going to try and check in on them at mid-day.

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2 thoughts on “Like Living In An Oven”

  1. I’d just like to chime in here and show sol­i­dar­i­ty with a fel­low non-pain-med­ica­tion-tak­er whose wife is also a phar­ma­cist. She has to force me to take my Asth­ma med. On a side note, uncom­fort­able work shoes and lap­top com­put­er pos­ture are the scourges of the mod­ern low­er back.

  2. Matt, thanks for the sign of sol­i­dar­i­ty. All med­ica­tions aside, I am my own worst ene­my when it comes to back pain: from the way I sit at a desk to car­ry­ing a mes­sen­ger bag on one shoul­der (instead of across my body).

    I don’t know about your wife, but mine is actu­al­ly worse about tak­ing all of a pre­scrip­tion than I am, and that’s when I can con­vince her to see a doctor.

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